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Welcome to A Place of Love!

A Place of Love is about getting to a place or space inside of you where you access who you really are at your core: A wonderful divine spiritual being of love and light, which comes from love and light, that is here to be and share your own unique love and light with others and the world.

When you can get to this place and live from this space your world and the world around you changes.

• Your energy changes;
• You become more tolerant: allowing and accepting all as it is;
• You see beauty and perfection everywhere and in everything;
• You are no longer bound to the physical reality of this planet;
• Lack and limitations disappear;
• Fear, worry and doubt become a thing of the past;
• For the first time ever, you feel fully content, peaceful and completely at home.

Some get to this place briefly, but are then bombarded with the lower energies that are a part of our physical reality. We strive to assist individuals in, not only getting to experience this state, but to live from it!

What Ali Believes
Ali believes that we are all unlimited, divine spiritual beings of love & light, having a temporary physical experience. However, the illusion of this reality can oftentimes seem insurmountable. We frequently lose sight of who we really are and all of which we are capable.

Everything is energy including us, all vibrating at our different frequencies. When we vibrate from the love and light energy that we are and live from and in love energy we allow ourselves to be the unlimited beings we truly are while still here on earth.

All Pain and Suffering comes from a lack of love.
Ali’s work is based on her deep spiritual connection, incredible team of divine spirit beings and her life. She has lived in pain pretty much her whole life due to medical conditions and numerous surgeries. She has experienced personally that shifting to unconditional divine love in all situations has a profound effects, such as:

• Chronic pain lessens;
• Little things bother you less;
• People and animals treat you differently;
• You become more one with nature and everything;
• Judgment fades then disappears altogether;
• Happiness and joy increase;
• You attract more and more incredible Divine beings;
• Life becomes easier and everything flows almost effortlessly to you.

These are just a few of the incredible shifts that are waiting for you!

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Love & Light,
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